Some days everyone needs to shut the fuck up.

Today is one of those days.

Everything is hard, difficult, annoying and draining. Right now I’m wondering if I should even write this bullshit that I know no one will fucking read. Some blip in the information highway that will forever be a shit stain of kilobytes. Trying to not be a shit stain but no amount of perfume will mask the odor of failure.

There are a bunch stories partly written because somewhere inside me there’s a little girl who wants to feel like she matters and that her stories, dreams and ideas are unique and original just like her. But really there’s just an ugly mona Lisa with frida eyebrows glaring down at me saying I’ll never be good enough.

I feel like everyone can be pissed off and mad about whatever they want but when I do it’s: oh calm down, try love and compassion, why are you freaking out? Asked after I clearly stated what’s wrong. Maybe I’m too cynical and jaded by previous happenings? Or because I’m an empath? I’m bipolar? ALL OF THE FUCKING OPTIONS!?

I actually paid for this stupid fucking blog so I could write this crap.

I’m in a bad place right now. Things don’t seem bad at all but every god damn thing is annoying (probably the bipolar).

This has literally turned into a rant. Idk what I’m even doing. I know I’m a person with feelings and those feelings are hurting right now. I know that no one (or at least the right people) cares. I’m also running on 4 hours of sleep that weren’t even back to back hours.


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