Positivity, I’m Actually Trying.

Contrary to the negative grumpy-ness of my writings, I am actually trying to be positive. I could throw out the excuse of I’m bipolar and that’s 100% true. The fact is that no matter what mental health disease or disorder you have YOU CAN BE FUCKING HAPPY!

Being told all the time to change your thinking while you’re working on your thinking and you’re hypomanic is annoying.

Throw in only 8 hours of sleep for 2 days and im a hurricane.

I’m pretty easy to please. I want coffee, food, exercise and a good fuck. There are other things of course but those are the main components.

I’ve done a lot for positivity. Positive thinking, exercise, therapy, medication, meditation, mantras, diet change, I took a sabbatical!

Maybe my biggest problem is that I don’t communicate properly or effectively. I carry a lot of anxiety when it comes to anything that is not positive.

One of the greatest motivators for being positive is to hangout with a negative person. I know that sounds backwards but when the other person is constantly belittling everything you can see it.

You can say holy shit I’m that asshole. I am doing that and it’s annoying. That not to say you won’t ever be negative again ever but you probably will catch yourself quicker.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m at work and it’s stressful but I have to remain objective. I also started writting this 5 days ago so I think it’s probably scrambled and nonsense.

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